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"The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth."     Chef Seattle, 1854

One day, we fell in love with this place of earth and since then we worked to get it pleasant, but keep it natural, with an ecological footprint as light as possible. Plan de La Ville Heleuc

In 2005 we replaced three old gas-heaters by a central automatic wood-heater (55 kW) and 15 m² of solar pannels. Since then our hot water is produced either by the sun or by sun and wood. The necessary wood comes from our fir plantations, which are now only cleared up, without attacking the base forest. 

Our two old septic tanks have been replaced in 2009 by an ecological sanitation. Waterplants now clean up our wastewater and even will give compost to us. Up by the pool stands a composting toilet to keep the place clean and so that you can try out this type of toilet.

The water of our natural pool in the old granite quarry comes from a spring and does not receive any chemical treatment. It is about 20 m large and 50 m long, between 5 and 6 m deep. The water is cleaned up by plants, fishes, ... When the waterlevel gets too high, we just have the water run down to our roof, it comes out of a gargoyle before running in an 1000 l  tank and then into the lake of Beaulieu.

Our new hot tub is one of the most economic models rilating to electrical consuming. The water cleaned by products that respect the environment and is warmed up by the pump engine; the isolation is so good, that it keeps the temperature during some days. So there is really no reason why you should not relax in the bubbling warm water of the spa in the eavening, listening to birds and looking out for dear.

Palmarès 2010/2011 de la Clef VerteIn 2009 we decided to formalize our way to do things, to complete our installations and adapt our ways to fill the demands and receive the certification of "la Clef Verte" (the green key): installation of economic lamps, anti-water-wasters, help for recycling, use of ecological paints and cleaners, local and organic products, ...  that's done now, we received the Green Key for 2010 and now for 2011!

La malle "découverte"

For kids we provide a "discover-chest" in our guest-houses. In it are binoculars, a magnifying glass, a compass, a map of La Ville Heleuc, a precise map of the surroundings, books relating to nature (animals, games, sea, activitys, ...). For older ones exists a "welcome-folder", that explains our environment policy and entains differents documents relating to sustainable development and a test to calculate one's ecological footprint, ...Panier accueil

Holidays to discover, to relax, to visit, nature holidays, ... discover La Ville Heleuc as you like. 

We will welcome you with local or organic products, or perhaps with home-made blackberry liqueur or sprinkling elder wine!

New in 2009: La Ville Heleuc is now an official reserve for butterflies!

New in 2010: The renovation of Le Fournil with natural and ecological materials.

New in 2011: We prepare situations for you to experiment the environnement with your senses: look, smell, touch, ... try it! With or without children - just try the experience! More about this in our blog.

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