Domaine de La Ville Heleuc 

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Le Fournil

Our holiday home, Le Fournil Coeur

Le Fournil is the old baking house of La Ville Heleuc, that is now being renovated. 

It should be ready for 2011, have a look at the progress here:

Premiers mesuresOctober 2009
Mezuring and planning.

Les cloisons disparaissentNovember 2009
Everything has to go out...
Il y en a encore...
We keep all we can,
La voiture n'arrive plus...
but the small Nissan doesn't make it...
Le tracteur vient à la rescousse
... the tractor must help!
Les premiers plans
January 2010: plans are ready!
La cuisine part
February 2010
The end of the kitchen.
En haut tout est enlevé
Upstairs nearly everything is gone.
Le passage du bas
The old window becomes a pathway.
La minipelleMarch 2010
We need some help.
Stones and ciment come out.
La grande pelle
Real start.

Les briques sont arrivées
April 2010: foundations are ready.
Les briques sont mises en place
Bricks, ...   
Airtubes, stones, ...
Et voilà !
already done!
En attente du chanvre
Two days later comes the lime-cannabis-mix.
La toupie crache
It's flattened...
even more, ...
and must dry out.
Les charpentiers
May 2010: carpenters start working.
Passage pour les tuyaux
The excavation for the heating tubes.
Not so easy to move them.
Ouverture en haut
The upstairs pathway is ready.

Premier mur
First day of summer - the first wall stands.
Le bas avance
Three days later, the second one.
La charpente
The carpentry is ready.
Protection vacances
The first windows are in place...
Enfin le salon !
After the holidays - let's go on!
Après les vacances
The last piece of carpentry is done.
Premier essai chaux-chanvre
Inside we start isolation. 
L'ancien mur sud
The lime-cannabis-mix lets breath the walls.
Ca commence à prendre forme !
Middle of september 2010.
Ca commence à prendre forme !
The roof is nearly covered...
Ca commence à prendre forme !
The work goes on inside...
Ca commence à prendre forme !
and here we are: 3 out of 4 walls ready.
Ca commence à prendre forme !
End of september 2010: finishing the roof.
Ca commence à prendre forme !
The toilet's window.
La future entrée
This will be the entry...
La terre arrive
Here comes earth in a big bag.
Mise en place de l'isolation
Octobre 2010: wooden wool and steamprotection.
Tout le monde met la main à la pâte !
Everybody helps!
La neige arrive !
December 2010: snow is here...
Mise en place du fermacell.

Installation of the gypsum and cellulose panels.

La baignoire est arrivée
January 2011: first try of the bathtub   .
Vue vers le sud à l'étage
Point of view towards south.
Habillage terminé
Finished - waiting for final earth coating...
Le dernier mur en chaux-chanvre

The last wall upstairs has just been coated with lime-cannabis- mix.
View of the south part through the passway.

La terrasse se prépare
February 2011: preparing the terrace.
Connexions à la chaufferie
March: connecting to the heating room.
Traçage pour le chauffage au sol
Plan for the heating tubes.
Préparation du sol pour le plancher bambou
Upstairs everything is ready for the bamboo.
L'escalier en pièces détachées
Here is the futur staircase.
Mise en place de l'escalier
The next day it's assembled. On the floor the heating tubes are already sub pressure and wait for the next lime mixture.
Tuyaux de chauffage au sol
Heating spirals in the living room.
Première couche de vernis
First coat of varnish at 9 pm.
L'escalier monté et verni
Here it's done, waiting for the partition wall.
Local technique
Heating tubes and armoured electricity .
Plan de l'entrée
Plan for the sloped entrance.
La future douche
This lime-mix is not good - get it out again!
Préparation pour la terrasse
April 2011: here is the wood for the terrace.
Mise en place de la chape
This time the lime-mix is okay.
Premier repos sur la terrasse
First sunbath on the "nearly" finished terrace.
Sol de la salle de bain
Teak-rests round the bath tub.
Cloisons et portes coulissantes
Inner walls and sliding doors.
Déchargement granit
Here comes the granite plates from hill Isaac.
Enduit de terre dans les wc

First earth plaster in the toilets.
Carrelage salle de bain
The bathroom upstairs - nearly done!
Dallage de granit
May 2011: granite on the floor.
Lavabo en bas
Closet and sink downstairs.
Enduit de terre côté sud White earth plaster in the south part.
Placard technique
Closet made from recycled wood.
Parquet de bambou
June 2011: Bamboofloor upstairs.
Parquet fini
Nearly ready.
Plafond chambre
Ceiling and led-lamps in the sleeping room.
Atelier couture
D-13: Temporary sewing room upstairs.
Joints pour le granit
D-12: Joints in the sleeping room downstairs.
Chambre du haut
D-11: The sleeping room upstairs nearly ready.
La future place de la cuisine
The kitchen will be installed here during the weekend.

Miroirs et interrupteurD-9 :
Power plugs and switchs are installed. Lamps and mirrors are fixed.
Joints pour le granit
D-8: And still more joints...
Meubles de cuisine
D-7: Kitchen equipment.
Tableau électrique D-6 : Water and electric connections. Les plinthes D-5: Painting baseboards.
Essais de lumières
D-4: Test of lights.
Armoire de four
D-3: The oven in its homemade cabinet.
Les meubles de cuisine D-2: The kitchen cabinets - all with drawers. Montage du lit
D-1: Building the bed in the sleeping room.
Fin d'une rude journée
D day, 26/6/2011: Tonight we sleep here.
Everything is not yet ready, but we see the end...
There is not yet hot water and gas, but the fridge is cooling down - and we needed that during this terrible hot sunday
Luckily there are 5 more days before our first guests arrive.
Table de nuit
D+1 :
More curtains, making a first night stand, more work in the kitchen, and the first evening meal.
Table de cuisson
D+2: Gas coming in.
La hotte
D+3: Instaling the extractor hood.
JointD+4 :
Preparing the rooms upstairs and last joint between bamboo and teak at 11 pm.
La douche
D+5: Transport and installation of the shower.
La cloche
X+6: Bell at the entry - that's it!